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Steel Stamps IncorporatedOur steel stamps are used to permanently identify your company’s logo, name, or other pertinent information. Our tools can be used to stamp your logo or graphic on items such as jewelry, leather, knives, keys, and any blacksmith needs.  

Steel Stamps Inc. served clients nationwide from one location in Las Vegas, Nevada for 28 years. Now we are serving the same clients nationwide from Boise, Idaho. Our highly qualified personnel have more than 19 years of experience, and that experience is essential for the production of high quality steel stamps.

We recognize the importance of quality in our steel stamps, dies, letter punches, leather stamps, jewelry stamps, jewelry tags, and locksmith stamps.We manufacture our products from tool steel originated in the U.S. which is hardened, deep cut, and precision machined with detailed accuracy by our skilled craftsmen. We ensure that each of our steel stamps will meet our customer’s specifications, inevitably resulting in long-lasting, clear impressions.   Our entire manufacturing process is kept in house to control the hardness and quality of each stamp. The operation begins with a 12 foot bar of American Steel, which goes through our own electronic heating process; the desired information, logo or image is then machined into the steel. This produces a unique product of excellent quality for a reasonable price. Being a small family run business, we are able to provide low prices with quality service and workmanship. The success of Steel Stamps Inc. is a direct reflection of the impeccable service that is ensured to our customers.

”I recently purchased a stamp and some jewelry tags from you. I was a little intimidated by the process due to the fact I have never stamped anything before, but you walked me through the process. Now I mark not only my tags but also my own products with the stamps you made for me. You made it a pleasant experience and went above and beyond which is truly rare these days.”

Thanks, L.H.

Purchased a custom jewelry stamp

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