Steel Stamps Inc. specializes in Custom Steel Stamps for Leather Crafters, Jewelry Makers, Knife Makers, Blacksmiths, Farriers, Locksmiths and a host of other Industrial and Craft applications.


Steel Stamps IncorporatedOur custom stamps are good on most non-hardened metals as well as leather, wood and clay. Steel Stamps Inc., also doing business as Harper Manufacturing, has been making stamps for nearly 30 years. Formerly located in Las Vegas, we now ship stamps to our world-wide industrial and small-business customer base from our location in beautiful Boise, Idaho.

Quality is hand-crafted into every stamp we produce. It starts by working closely with you via phone and/or email to assure your design is optimized for the best possible results on the finished stamp. We purchase only the highest quality 01 Tool Steel and pay great attention to assure the hardening process results in a stamp that will not fracture, chip or wear prematurely. Finally, our skilled craftsmen manage the fabrication process from beginning to end, and take personal pride in each and every one of their “creations” to assure the finished stamp meets all your expectations.

Ease of use is also an important aspect of what we concern ourselves with at Steel Stamps Inc. Our stamping tools are optimized for easy use with a hammer to create the final image (a mallet stamp). Realizing that not everyone is comfortable with a hammer, or simply because the size and/or design of the stamp may be challenging to use on harder materials like mild steel or stainless steel, we offer a variety of solutions. Visit our “Stamping Presses & Jigs” web page for further details.

”I recently purchased a stamp and some jewelry tags from you. I was a little intimidated by the process due to the fact I have never stamped anything before, but you walked me through the process. Now I mark not only my tags but also my own products with the stamps you made for me. You made it a pleasant experience and went above and beyond which is truly rare these days.”

Thanks, L.H.

Purchased a custom jewelry stamp