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Custom orders will often require phone or email dialogue.

This section of the form is for general inquiries. The next section is information we will ultimately need to complete an order. Feel free to bypass the next section for now if you just want to email or phone us with a simple inquiry.

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*Art generally not necessary for stamps requiring lettering only.

  • Please view your image at the size you are requesting.
  • Images to be in black and white only
  • Images sized to 5-10X desired stamp size
  • Acceptable file formats: PDF, JPG, or Corel X4

Only one file is able to be submitted at a time. If you need to upload multiple files, either compress them into a single ZIP file, or just submit multiple emails, attaching a different file each time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Thank you for contacting us. Once all details and art are agreed upon we will finalize the order by telephone with payment details.