Right now letter stamped jewelry is on trend. From uplifting words on a bracelet to personalized name necklaces, you can make a variety of pieces with Steel Stamps inc.’s jewelry letter stamp sets. Get creative by getting custom design or your logo stamps to start a jewelry design business.

Stamps come in a variety of symbols, words, letters, and numbers in different fonts to meet all of your jewelry needs. Jewelry steel hand stamp letter sets are hardened to 48-54 Rockwell, made from 45# steel, and grey finish. With each set containing 27 pieces, letters A-Z and an ampersand. Make necklaces, lockets, rings, bracelets, dog tags, decorations, you name it! The options are limitless.

Sets range from $68 to $72 order your set today! Call us at 800.776.8407 or fill out a contact form at http://steelstampsinc.com/contact-us/form, and a member of Steel Stamp Inc. will contact you as soon as possible.