Knife Maker Stamps

Steel Stamps for Marking Metals

banner-locks KNIFE BLADES / BLACKSMITHING / FARRIERS / INDUSTRIAL PARTS Our steel hand stamps are made from 0-1 tool steel and heat-treated to 55-57Rc to ensure long life and durability.  They can be used on most non-hardened metals.  Standard shank length is 3.5″ but other lengths available by special request.


  1. Basic Block Font Letter Stamp (most economical option)
  2. Custom Font Letter Stamp (any font other than Basic Block Font).
  3. Logo Stamp (may include your logo, art, lettering, etc.)

Type 1:  BASIC BLOCK LETTER STAMP:  This type has the lowest price point and can be one or two lines. Font is very similar to Arial Condensed.  We will assist in optimizing size and configuration to best suit your needs.

Example 1: TIM PURDY

Example 2: TIM


Type 2: CUSTOM FONT LETTER STAMP:  Let us know your font or we can offer suggestions and examples.  If we don’t have your font we can work from your jpg or PDF file.  Note that most fonts are considerably wider than our Basic Block referenced above, perhaps as much as double.  That is not a “problem”.  Rather, it is a starting reference point to help guide your font selection.  The more complex the font, the greater the limitations at the smaller sizes (may close up).  We will guide you on that.

Type 3: CUSTOM LOGO STAMP:  This type of stamp consists of your logo or brand, and may include lettering.  Email your design in larger black and white, let us know the desired stamp size, and we will assist from there.  Simple lay-ups, using your art, and configuring with a border and/or lettering are no-charge.  We also provide art service based on your concept and/or sketch (quote to be based on complexity of design).

ORDERING & PRICING:  Call us to review the process and advise your needs, or fill out the information on the “CONTACT US” page.  We pride ourselves on availability and look forward to hearing from you.

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“I have been making leather products since I was a child. I have never marked my work nor have I ever purchased a stamp. Purchasing a stamp from Steel Stamps Inc. was not only easy but it has taken my work to the next level.” Thank you, Jesse Purchased a custom leather stamp