Steel Leather Stamps, Maker Stamps

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steel leather stamps


We make our steel leather stamps from a high grade tool steel then heat-treat it for durability and long life. Each stamp produces a clear and professional impression that will last for generations.


Each leather stamp is approximately 5” long and is made from one solid piece of steel which we machine down and knurl the handle for a comfortable, non-slip grip. We have the ability, if needed, to make a stamp for use with a clicker press or presses and would need to know this prior to placing your order.


We have three basic price points for leather stamps:


Type 1: Custom leather letter stamp
This stamp is great for strap goods, dog collars and tight areas. It is the most basic and least expensive stamp. It is a basic block font (Arial) in a straight line. To provide you with a quote, the only information we will need is what you want the stamp to say and how wide you need it to be.


Type 2: Custom leather maker stamp
Below you will find 3 popular styles of maker stamps that are available in multiple sizes. To provide you with a quote you will need to pick the style you want below, let us know the size and what it will say.


Type 3: Custom design leather stamp
This type of stamp consists of a logo, brand or any design you would like us to use. Send us an e-mail, fax or mail a copy of the design to us and let us know how wide you need the stamp. Please make sure when you send us the artwork of the stamp that you send it to us 5 times larger than the actual size. Once we receive this information from you, we will provide you with a quote.


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